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  • From The CEO's Desk 12 February 2021

    BUILDING BETTER REGIONS FUND (BBRF) APPLICATION TO RESTORE THE TOKOH / OLD WORKSHOP ON HOME ISLAND: The Australian Government has announced a grant opportunity under BBRF that provides the Shire with an opportunity to secure funds to restore the Old Workshop/Tokoh on Home Island. If we are successful in our application, funds would be used to refurbish this important heritage building which would then be used to house a new, well positioned visitor centre, museum and a commercial retail space.

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  • From The CEO's Desk 29 January 2021

    WELCOME TO 2021 AND TO PEOPLE NEW TO OUR COMMUNITY: On behalf of the Shire President, Councillors and Staff, please accept my warmest wishes for a happy, safe and prosperous 2021. If you are new to Cocos, we are excited to welcome you to our Cocos family.
    As a Shire we have a very busy and productive year ahead and are keenly looking forward to working in partnership with our stakeholders and community members. By working together, we can achieve so much and make Cocos the best it can be in the coming year.

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