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  • From The CEO's Desk 02 October 2020

    SOUTH END ROAD (AIRFIELD ROAD) AND SYDNEY HIGHWAY: We would like to acknowledge the Australian Government, via the Department of Defence (DoD), for their commitment to work with the Shire to review the current condition and vulnerability of the South End Road and Sydney Highway and to look at options to secure and manage these two important roads into the future. This investigation, which is being funded by the Australian Government, was discussed with DoD representatives during our visit to Canberra in June 2019. 

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  • From The CEO’S Desk 18 September 2020

    FESTIVAL OF COCOS ART AND LIFE POETRY/PANTON: The simultaneous Poetry on West Island and Panton on Home Island a couple of weeks ago was a great success. Sincere thanks to John Clunies-Ross for sharing his wonderful original work and to Nek Su for his panton. Also thanks to the community for joining in and sharing their own work or a favourite. As the first FOCAL (Festival of Cocos Art and Life) event, it was a great success. 

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