Shire Ranger Services
The Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands Ranger Services are located at the Parks Australia office at the Home Island Community Resource Centre. Rangers are responsible for the enforcement of State Government legislation and Council’s Local Laws for controlling dogs and cats, vehicle offences, animal control, litter, and parking.

The laws for animal control which Council enforces are set under State Government Legislation. All animals must be confined to the land on which they are kept by adequate fencing.

The Cat Act 2011 are the main laws affecting animal owners in the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

The Shire Rangers can be contacted on (08) 9162 7602. If your call is not answered immediately, please call the Shire office on (08) 9162 6649 and leave a message and we will return your call as soon as practical.

Ranger Razali Zainiel and Assistant Ranger Jamil Ibram are on normally duty from 7:00am – 04:00pm Monday – Thursday and 07:00am – 12:00pm on Friday.

Our Rangers deal with a wide variety of issues including:
Animal Control
The Shire is in a process of developing a new Animals, Environment & Nuisance and Cat Local Law to:
- To control cats.
- To manage other animals, the general environment, and potential environmental nuisance.
- To control the import of animals to the islands.
Cats are considered a nuisance if they roam, they attack wildlife or create a disturbance on or around a property. If you are experiencing problems with cats in your area, here are a few suggestions that may discourage the cats in a safe manner-
• Talk to your neighbour. If you know who owns the cat, we suggest having a friendly chat to discuss your concerns.
• Traps - As a last resort you may obtain a cat trap from the ranger. If this method is deployed, it is the ranger’s responsibility to scan the trapped cat for a microchip to determine registration. If ownership is not determined, the ranger will arrange humane disposal of the cats.

The rangers are increasing the cat trapping and humane disposal program of stray/feral cats on Home and West Islands.
Poultry, Pigeons and Other Animals
Owners must ensure they are responsible for their animals and that they remain within the boundaries of the owners property. We ask that Owners ensure:
• Poultry, pigeons and other animals are not creating a nuisance to residents in the area. Roosters are especially prone to causing noise nuisance in residential areas, and their keeping should be avoided.
• Poultry, pigeons and other animals must be kept in an enclosure suited to the number and size.
• All enclosures must be at least one metre from property boundary fence and away from any road or local government property.

The rangers have also re-commenced culling program of stray poultry and this program will continue on a regular basis where it is safe to do so, and the Shire is able to have the support of the AFP.
The Shire has designated “No Parking” of vehicles in the main street near the airport area.
• Stopping and/or parking on a nature strip, footpath or in the no parking zone is illegal.
• Parking restrictions are implemented to control and manage parking, to ensure safe and fair use of parking facilities.
• You can be issued with a parking fine by Council’s Rangers if you do not adhere to these parking restrictions.

We are proud of our road safety record and would like to see all drivers, (residents and visitors) parking your vehicle in the carpark opposite the airport arrivals area (Tropika Restaurant) or in the Cocos Club parking area when accessing the airport area.
Abandoned Vehicles
It is an offence to leave or abandon your vehicle in a public place, on a carriage way or in a road reserve for more than 24 hours. Where the Shire considers a vehicle is unlawfully parked, abandoned, unregistered or disused, the Shire may impound that vehicle.

Once the Shire receives a complaint regarding an alleged Abandoned Vehicle, the Ranger will attend the location, carry out an investigation and if required commence the “Abandoned Vehicle” process.
It is important that people living on or visiting the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are vigilant to the presence of Macao Paper Wasp. If you see any wasps or nests, do not approach them in case you disturb them—the wasp can be aggressive and has a painful sting.

Instead, call the Shire Ranger on 9162 6649 for complaints on Home Island or the local pest controller, Jack Clunies-Ross on 9162 7793 or email Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya. on West Island.
Council facilitates camping as an experience for residents and visitors to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. People who enjoy natured-based experiences and are equipped to be self-sufficient, should note that the Shire’s camp sites have limited facilities.

Camp Site Locations:
i. Camping is permitted at Scout Park and Direction Island only.
ii. Permits must be obtained from the Shire prior to camping.
iii. Camping is not permitted in any other area except by written approval by the Chief Executive Officer who may apply discretion for community events and for special occasions.

Non-compliance with this policy results in the camper or campers being liable to the penalties and actions, under the Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law.
Contact Ranger
Ranger (Razali Zainiel) - (08) 9162 7602 Email: Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.
Assistant Ranger (Jamil Ibram) – (08) 9162 7602 Email: Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.
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