From the CEO's Desk - 24 January 2019

Happy New Year:
Here’s to a bright, positive and productive 2019 for each and everyone and for us all as a community. It has been off to a busy start with many activities and new projects already underway and more planned. Here is a brief overview of just a few that may be of interest to the community—please come and see me for more detailed information about these items or any other Shire matter.

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From the CEO's Desk December

Re-use Of Screened Soil From The Remediation Of The West Island Playgroup Building Grounds:
Council carefully considered the importance of supporting the remediation of the West Island Playgroup Building Grounds noting that the project will enable full access to a much valued community facility, improve the visual amenity of the site which is in a prominent position on West Island and provide a pilot for other sites that require remediation.

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Works Update 14 November 2018

Rip Deck:
Work has commenced on the rebuild of the Rip deck. The structure is now mainly constructed using reconstituted plastic and has progressed well.
All hands on deck….including the CEO, Andrea!

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From the CEO's Desk 14 November 2018

It has been a busy fortnight at the Shire and I hope the following provides an interesting summary of a few of the things we have been working on. 

Council Meeting Dates 2019

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on 7 November 2018 the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Shire Council resolved to adopt the Council meeting date schedule for 2019. 

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From the CEO's Desk 31 October 2018

Farewell and Thank You Nek Yusri 
Nek Yusri has been a valuable member of the Shires outside work Force for the past 15 years. Over that time he has been involved in many projects that the Shire has undertaken. He was a skillful operator on a variety of plant and machines and took great pride in his work. He has also been responsible for the dally maintenance on both West and Home Islands.

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From the CEO's Desk 15 October 2018

Old Jetty
The Shire is aware that there is strong community sentiment regarding the Old Jetty. While we appreciate the social value of the Jetty to the community, we also recognise that the cost to repair it and make it safe, estimated at approximately $15million, is prohibitive, given the many other competing priorities such as coastal protection works, managing paper wasps, maintenance of core infrastructure such as housing, community buildings and roads. 

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From the CEO's Desk - 4 October 2018

Eco-Resort: Despite the best efforts of Hender Property Group (HPG) and the Shire to negotiate a mutually agreeable position, it is with some regret that I advise that HPG has notified the Shire that they are withdrawing from the Eco Resort project.  While we recognise that for many this may be very disappointing news, we respect HPG’s decision and acknowledge their efforts over the past year. 

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Works - 4 October 2018

New Works Supervisor: The Shire would like to welcome Pak Ainul (Halim Musa) to his new position as Works Supervisor. He recent commenced his new position on Monday 1st October.

Works - September

As you may have seen on West Island the Shire undertook a contract with the Department of Infrastructure to replace the sand bags that were dislodged through the swell event that wreaked havoc on West Islands in early July.