TRANNIES BEACH ACCESS: In the coming days, Trannies Beach will be a bit of a construction site as the Shire crew install a ramp to provide safe access to the beach. The ramp is a temporary solution until steps that can withstand the heavy swell can be designed and built for our conditions. We really appreciate how understanding and patient the community has been. Please take care around the construction site and observe signage and barricades.

HOUSES: Work on the stumps and sub-floor structure for the two new houses on Home Island has commenced. We are currently working with Council, the Housing Reference Group and people on the Housing Waiting List to allocate the houses. The process considered to be the fairest and most transparent way to allocate these much sought after houses is to align the following criteria:

People on the Waiting List who are:
a. still in need of housing 
b. still living on Cocos 
c. are willing to pay rent of approx. $400 per week 
(Please see below how the rent value was calculated)
d. have been waiting the longest 

COST RECOVERY FOR RESIDENTIAL HOUSE – HOME ISLAND: The following costs were considered in trying to find an appropriate charge for rental of a residence on Home Island.
New house
  • Cost to build (not including land value) $500,000
  • Useful life = 30 years.
  • Depreciation over that period $16,666 per annum
  • Land lease value $3,500 per annum
  • Shire and Water Rates, Insurance $5,000
  • Maintenance $5,000
  • Total costs = $30,166 divided by 52 weeks = $580 per week
When candidates on the Waiting List were surveyed, it was found that $580 would not be affordable but that $400 was considered more affordable.

COMMUNITY FUNDING PROGRAM: Calling all community groups…the Shire’s Community Funding Program is open with funds available to assist community groups with projects and programs that benefit the community. This funding program links to our Adopt a Spot program so that community groups can earn extra funds for their projects, while at the same time helping us to keep Cocos looking its best. See the notice in this edition of the Atoll or contact Isa Minkom Community Development Coordinator on Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya. or call 91626649 for more details.

RETAIL CENTRE NEW BUSINESSES: We were delighted by the response to the requests for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the new retail tenancies at the Home Island Retail Centre. We are currently assessing all EoI and will be working with applicants to ensure they have time to establish a business and be ready to open as soon as the expansion is completed. Speaking of which it is great to see the works commenced on site. Please observe safety notices and barricades.

TOKOH / OLD WORKSHOP: We understand that the closure of Jalan Melati is frustrating but we are pleased to advise that the EWP is now back on Home Island so we can undertake some temporary repairs and re-open the road. We are still working with our insurer and hope to be able to replace the damaged section of roof in the near future.
We are also delighted to confirm that we have lodged a very robust and exciting application to have the whole building restored to house the museum, visitor centre and commercial tenancy space. We will know the outcome of our application around June this year.

ART EXHIBITION: An exciting F.O.C.A.L. (Festival of Cocos Art and Life) event as part of the ASDD celebrations is now underway. Budding and experienced artists are invited to submit a recent work for inclusion in the exhibition. Entries must be received by 4pm Monday 29th March 2021 at the Shire office on Home Island. For more information, please contact Isa Minkom Community Development Coordinator on Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya. or call 91626649.

MACAO PAPER WASPS: Entomologists Marc Widmer and Magdalena Zabek from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) will be on Island from 12 March to 23 March, to continue their studies and treatment of the Macao Paper Wasp. This would be great time for anyone with enquiries about the paper wasps or any other invasive species, to meet with experts in this field. Please call Shak (Pak Mus) at the Shire on 9152 6649 to book an appointment. Our Rangers and Happy Jacks crew have found nests for Marc and Magdalena to study. We have also recently jointly with DPIRD purchased a sprayer capable of reaching nests 10 metres high so we can effectively treat more nests.

FAREWELL COCOS: As this is my last Atoll, please allow me to express my thanks and appreciation for the warmth, friendship and support Neale and I have received during our three years on Cocos. I have been fortunate to work with an amazing team, of Councillors and staff, and acknowledge their efforts and support. Everything that has been achieved has only been made possible as a result of teamwork and mutual support. I know the team will make sure Cocos thrives and continues to be a fabulous place to live. I have also sincerely appreciated the advice and support from the community and stakeholders. It has been a privilege to serve as your CEO. Neale and I will always remember our time here with gratitude and deep fondness.Thank you.
And if you are in the vicinity, please visit us in Carnarvon!

Andrea Selvey