REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION INVESTIGATIONS INTO PLASTICS RECYCLING : The Regional Development Organisation recognises environmental disaster caused by ocean plastics and the impact this can have on our tourism brand.

At the same time the RDO is looking at the issue more strategically in terms of the potential value of plastic that is washed up on our beaches as a resource and has funded a review of the plastics recycling technology currently available and the development of a business case to secure funding to implement the best technology. We are currently seeking a proposal from University of WA Oceans Institute to carry out this work. A sincere thanks to the RDO for taking the initiative and kick-starting this project.

MAJU PULU KITA/ADVANCE OUR ISLANDS MASTERPLANNING: After weeks of anticipation, the ship has delivered many of the materials we needed to commence work on the priority projects emerging from the Masterplan. Brick making has commenced and the team is producing an amazing 1700 bricks per day. Well done to the team. The bricks will be used to re-pave Jalan Pantai which is showing signs of deterioration. The bricks contain a significant amount of recycled crushed glass putting that valuable resource to good use while making our bricks sparkle.The brick making will be completed by mid-September and new bricks laid by the end of this year. The Shire acknowledges funding from the Commonwealth for this project.

The other exciting Masterplan project that has kicked off is the flooring under the Cyclone Shelter. This is a wonderful sheltered space for events and activities and the new floating eco-deck floor will provide a safer, more useable space.

The shade sail poles have arrived and we are expecting to install them over the playground in Central Park within the next two weeks. This project will be done in two stages; the first being to install the nine poles which will be approx. 4.5m tall. During this stage of the project the playground will be closed to the public and sectioned off. Once the poles have been set, measurements will be taken so we can order the sails which will be cut to size.

While on the topic of the Masterplan, huge kudos to the Shire team who have worked on the translation. In the next week or so everyone who participated in the Masterplanning sessions along with every community group, organization and business should get a copy of the draft Plan for their review and input. We see this plan as Shire-led but very much communityowned. So please get back to us with your feedback. If you don’t receive a copy and would like one, please contact Suzie at the Office on 9162 6649 or via email at Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya..

WIND SPORT SEASON: As the wind sport season kicks off, we welcome visitors to our beautiful home and hope they have a safe and enjoyable experience. We also make a special note of thanks to the businesses who bring visitors to Cocos and add to our economic development.

FIRE PIT: It is fabulous to see that the first fire pit on Home Island is being used—just a reminder it is not a place for disposal of rubbish. Please take rubbish to the tip as usual—just use the fire pit for burning dry timber. A fire pit is being constructed on Direction Island this week and is the first of several planned for DI.

BUDGET 2019/20: A big focus over the past few weeks has been on preparing a draft budget for Council to workshop and consider in July. The budget is focussed on delivering projects from the Masterplan and from the Corporate Business Plan. Anyone with questions about our revenue and expenditure is welcome to contact Jo.

RADIO SEGMENT: Jo and I had a lot of fun last Tuesday hosting our first live radio segment. We did have a few struggles with the technology but managed to get through an hour of chatting about Shire activities and events. A special thanks to Mr Flynn and Mr Tunnicliffe who dropped in to ask some hard-hitting questions. We will be back on Tuesday 18 July at 9am for the next exciting installment of ….? Actually, we don't have a name for this segment so any ideas are welcome.

WORKS UPDATE: Now that the stevedoring is complete, the dredging program at the Home Island Wharf is back underway. There will be machinery movements in the area, so please exercise caution in the area. During the break in the dredging we took the opportunity to start crushing the dredged material as this material makes for excellent road base that will be used to resurface the unsealed road network on Home Island.

These are a few items that I think may be of particular interest but we are always willing to meet with members of the community who are interested in knowing more about Shire activities.

Andrea Selvey

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