The Shire has recognised the flooding issues during heavy rainfalls and have worked collaboratively with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and Water Corporation for a solution.

The Shire is happy to announce that it  has obtained funding from the Department for a de-watering program to address the flooding issues in the back laneway. It will consist of a series of pits that will be installed in areas that have been identified as the  worst affected areas where water builds up through heavy rain events.

The pits (soak wells) are 600mm deep by 1650mm wide. A trafficable concrete lid with a grate will be installed to cover the pit and allow the water to flow into the pit and soak away. Once the pit is saturated, the grated lid can be opened to allow a trash pump to be introduced that can take 40mm solids. From the pits, water will either be pumped out over the sea wall or out onto the open reserves to the North, South or East of the kampong. There will be 2 trailer mounted pumps that can be towed by ezygos for ease of access down the back lane ways. Once the pits and surrounding water has been evacuated, they may need to be revisited and pumped out until the weather subsides.

We appreciate everyone’s patience in the meantime as this project progresses.

Ian Evans
Manager for Works & Services