SOUTH END ROAD (AIRFIELD ROAD) AND SYDNEY HIGHWAY: We would like to acknowledge the Australian Government, via the Department of Defence (DoD), for their commitment to work with the Shire to review the current condition and vulnerability of the South End Road and Sydney Highway and to look at options to secure and manage these two important roads into the future. This investigation, which is being funded by the Australian Government, was discussed with DoD representatives during our visit to Canberra in June 2019. 
This is a great step forward and wonderful outcome. We recognise both roads are in a poor condition at the moment and we wanted to reassure the community that we are taking steps to carry out maintenance (within limits of  road materials available on-island) while at the same time working with the Department of Defence and their contractors, Fulton Hogan, to look at long term options.

DIRECTION ISLAND RESORT: It has been several months since we last updated the community on the Direction Island Resort Proposal. As a refresher, Council has agreed to lease the land, which is land managed under the 1984 Land Trust Deed, to Cocos Boronia Resort and has received formal Commonwealth Sanction for the lease as required by the Trust Deed. Cocos Boronia Resort is currently working with the Australian Government to secure approval for the over-water component of the resort, which is fundamental to their business model. The Council has given Cocos Boronia Resort until the end of 2020 to execute the lease.

SURF LIFESAVING: Community Surf Rescue Certificate Program. We are very excited and pleased to have the support of Surf Life Saving WA in upskilling our young people in surf safety. It is also very exciting to have the opportunity for volunteers to gain skills and a formal qualification by way of a Community Surf Rescue Certificate Program. This program will provide participants with skills and knowledge of aquatic safety, rescue and survival skill techniques for supervising students participating in activities both in and around various aquatic environments. Given our love of our aquatic environment, we think this is an essential program for our community. Thank you to Surf Life Saving WA for your support.

FOCAL CALENDAR: The FOCAL (Festival of Community Art and Life) calendar is now out for you to start planning your arts activities for the coming months. The calendar will be posted on our facebook and website early next week for the latest program. Well done to our enthusiastic Community Arts Group for their initiative and hard work. As other activities are organised they will be added to the calendar which is available (and updated) on the Shire’s website. If you would like to be involved, please don’t hesitate to contact Isa Minkom at the Shire with your ideas. 

MUSEUM / VISITOR CENTRE ON HOME ISLAND: With so many visitors on Cocos, it is a great reminder to all that the Home Island Museum is open on Monday afternoons and all day Wednesday. The Shire is delighted to partner with the Tourism Association so now the Museum is also operating as a pop-up visitor centre. This gorgeous Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into life on Cocos from the earliest times of settlement through to contemporary matters of significance such as self-determination. So, if you have visitors or are just interested yourself, drop into the Museum and say hello the great team there.

FERAL ANIMALS: Our Ranger Razali is working hard to control introduced / feral species (wasps, rats, chickens, cats). Razali has asked if you notice a problem to please get in touch with him as soon as possible and that the free app - Snap Send Solve - is a great way to do that as it also captures the GPS location for him. A reminder that if you are doing pruning gardening etc, to please be aware of the possibility of wasp nests in the area.

SUZIE BULKA IS BACK: After a year off to have little baby, we are so excited to have Suzie back on deck at the Shire. Suzie is in a new role to get all our leases updated and in a more contemporary format. She is looking forward to joining the team again and is excited to work in the leasing area. 

STATE LIBRARY TRAINING: Denise Jones & Iffah Ennery will be attending training from the 19 - 24 October at SLWA. Isa Minkom will also be attending and to also take the opportunity to discuss our services and any future plans for the library service.
Some training included in the program includes public libraries online services, ‘Moodle’ training, state-wide e-resources, stock management and ‘Better Beginnings’ training. A couple of library visits and oral history programs are also included in the program. For information on our public libraries please contact Isa Minkom at the Shire office on 91626649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TANGAROA BLUE MARINE DEBRIS PROJECT – COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS: We are pleased to be partnering with Tangaroa Blue in a marine debris project on West Island and on Home Island this weekend. The project involves collecting plastics from our beaches and collecting data about the debris to be better informed about how to influence change.
Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisatioFron dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris: one of the major environmental issues worldwide. 
Plastic production has increased twentyfold since 1964, and expected to double again in the next 20 years. Up to 40,000 pieces of plastic are estimated to float in every square kilometre of ocean. 800 species worldwide including 77 Australian species are impacted by marine debris. Over 75% of what is removed from our beaches is made of plastic - we need to find alternatives and change our behaviour to reduce plastic use. 
With the right data on marine debris, organisations like Tangaroa Blue can help make positive changes to reduce marine pollution and plastic use. Read more on examples of how using the data to track litter to its source, led to changes in fishing practices around plastic packing tape and the way the BoM used weather balloons targets and eliminated polystyrene components, at
So come and join us in this state-wide event on 10 October at 1.30pm-3.30pm at The Spot on West Island and 11 October at 1.00 – 3.00pm at Alor Charlie Beach on Home Island. For further information, please contact Isa Minkom at the Shire office on 91626649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

These are just a few items I thought would be of interest to our community. Please contact me to discuss these or any other Shire matters.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer