NEW HOUSES ON HOME ISLAND: As many in our community will know, we are excited to commence construction of two new houses on Home Island this year. Tenders have been advertised so we should be in a position to consider tenders and award a contract by early October. In the interim we have written to everyone on our housing wait list to confirm their current details. The Shire funding will provide one house, with the matching funding from the Australian Government for the other house.

RETAIL PRECINCT UPDATE: Our local contractor should commence work on the sub-floor structure of the Home Island Retail Precinct in the next couple of weeks. Retailers will continue to be able to operate during this stage. It is likely retailers will need to relocate by the end of the year to enable the next stages of demolition and refurbishment. We will provide further updates as this progress. We acknowledge the Australian Government for their financial support, which combined with the Shire funds, will allow this long-standing priority to be progressed.

REMOVAL OF TREES AT RETAIL CENTRE: We are very sorry to report that, to allow for the expansion of the retail centre, three trees will have to be removed. We have tried our best to work around the existing trees and have planned to retain as many as possible, but sadly it is not possible to keep them all. This will have to happen by the end of this year.

MVR OPENING HOURS: As a result of the revised ferry timetable, the new MVR hours for West Island are as follows.
Mondays – 11:30am to 3:30pm
Wednesdays – 8:00am to 10:30am
We will trial these hours for a few weeks and then review them to ensure they meet community need.

MONITORING OF FERAL CATS ON HOME AND WEST ISLANDS: The Shire of Cocos Keeling Islands and Parks Australia are working in partnership to monitor feral cats on Home and West Islands, as feral cats pose a significant threat to native wildlife.
A pilot monitoring program using 20 motion-activated cameras will be used to photograph feral cats around the Home Island community garden plots, transfer stations and along roads over the next month. We kindly ask you not to interfere with these cameras as they provide valuable information on the presence and behavior of feral cats and their home range. The images from these cameras will help us to target our feral cat control work in the following weeks. Please contact the Shire Ranger on 9162 6649 or Parks Australia on 9162 6643 for further information.

BUDGET PRESENTATION: Thank you to those members of the community who attended our budget presentation. Part of the presentation is on page 6-10, and the full presentation is on the Shire's website – see

These are just a few items I thought would be of interest to our community. Please contact me to discuss these or any other Shire matters.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer