This has been a tragic time for Cocos. It is so hard to find the words in the face of such tragedy. Our heartfelt condolences to Roland’s family and friends, particularly Jane as they deal with their loss. Sincere thanks to everyone who assisted with the search, it was a reminder of how amazing this community is.

The difficult times we have faced as a community this year have made me reflect on how we, as the Shire team (Councillors and staff), serve the community and our conduct in providing that service. In good times but more-so in hard times, our values provide us with a solid framework to guide our actions and I would like to share them with you (see below). While I recognise these are aspirational and we don’t always live up to them, they are important reminders of how we want to act. I would also be interested in having a conversation with anyone who would like to discuss how we are performing against these values and what values are important in the community.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer