FAREWELL PARTY FOR NEK SITI AND NEK SHAQUEAL: The Shire’s annual Hari Raya Party was a little later than usual this year but still a wonderful occasion for the team to gather and celebrate the year that has past and look forward to the coming year. We also farewelled two of our long-term valued employees Nek Siti and Nek Shaqueal and acknowledged them for their many contributions to the Shire and community.
We also welcomed the following new members to our Shire team.

Our Works Supervisor Glen Briggs
Lukman Alim                Juljali Backman
Thomas Battche           Iffah Ennery
Fatin Hutchinson          Denise Jones
Fadhil Kamarudin         Osman Macrae
Bianca Mckinney          Bulka Raptikan
Mhd Aslie Woren

COVID-19 RECOVERY: As a member of the IOT Regional Development Organisation (RDO), I was able to attend a teleconference with Nola Marino, Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories and members of Regional Development Associations around Australia to discuss economic recovery in the regions. While we share many of the same challenges as the other regions, it was pleasing to note that the Minister is acutely aware of our unique situation and the effort the Minister, our Administrator, Natasha Griggs and the Australian Government is putting into recovery and economic stimulus is very much appreciated. We look forward to working with the Australian Government as their on-ground enabling partner as we enter this critical recovery phase.

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE SCORECARD: Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Community Resilience Scorecard which will provide us with information to better understand our community’s wellbeing status and what the community needs from us in the context of Covid-19.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: What a great line-up of activities for the kids during the school holidays. Well done to Isa, Fatin and Ossie for your amazing work. We would welcome any activity ideas for future school holidays, and of course volunteers to assist in delivering activities.  

FISH AT TRANNIES: I have been asked by a number of people where the fish artwork from Trannies has gone. They will be back on display at Trannies with new more suitable poles in the near future, with sincere thanks to Linx and Maz Hamiril for their contribution to public art. We hope to be able to deliver more public art as part of the coming budget.

FULTON HOGAN: We welcome Jeff Byrnes and the team from Fulton Hogan to Cocos. We have met with Jeff and have a vast appreciation for the complexity and value of this project and much respect for Jeff and his team who have been charged with delivering it. We look forward to working with Jeff and his team in the coming months as they continue their enormous planning phase. 

HOME ISLAND RETAIL CENTRE - restumping: A local contractor has been successful in winning the bid to restump the Home Island Retail Centre as the first step in the refurbishment of this important community asset. This work will commence in the next couple of months after materials are delivered on-island. Once this work is complete, the next stage above the floor will commence with Bulka, the Shire’s very talented builder taking charge of the reconstruction. 

BUDGET PRESENTATIONS: Council will consider this year’s budget at their meeting on 22 July. The draft budget has been prepared in consultation with Council and has been based on the Corporate Business Plan and the Maju Pulu Kita Masterplan, with a focus on delivering on community priorities. As part of our commitment to transparent and open decision-making, we would like to invite stakeholders and members of the community to our budget presentations later this month. At these presentations we will outline our operational and capital works commitments and provide details of how community funds are being managed. Please register if you are interested in attending and we will be sure to send you an invitation. More details will also be promoted in the next Atoll and on Facebook when a date, times and venues have been finalised.

TEAM BUILDING AND RUBBISH PICK UP: The Office crew did a two hour team building morning last week. The team did a walk around Home Island to pick up any maintenance issues for the budget and have captured lots of maintenance requirements such as repairs to the brick paving, curbing, painting and other maintenance to public buildings. While we were at it, we also did a rubbish pick up.  In less than two hours we filled 11 bags with rubbish. The main problems appear to be cigarette butts, soft drink cans, lolly wrappers and plastic drink bottles. We were disappointed that despite our best efforts to keep our community clean and tidy, there is so much litter around. Please, assist us to keep our islands clean and beautiful and put your rubbish in a bin.  

These are just a few items I thought would be of interest to our community. Please contact me to discuss these or any other Shire matters.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer