WELCOME GLEN AND KATHY: After an exhaustive and robust recruitment process, we were delighted to appoint Glen Brigg to the position of Manager Works and Services. Glen and his wife Kathy arrived on Cocos on Friday last week and are in quarantine in House 16. A word from Glen...

Kathy and I originally come from a small country town, Tambo in Central Queensland. We have two grown up boys, Nick and Jesse who are married and live and work in Toowoomba Queensland. Our eldest son Nick and daughter in-law Rachel have a son Jaxon which is our only grandchild. While in Queensland Kathy worked for the Shire of Tambo operating the swimming pool and I worked in the oil and gas fields in the Australian deserts. Deciding to leave the oil and gas industry I took up the role as Manager of Works for Tambo Shire Council which was amalgamated into Blackall Regional Council. Kathy and I decided to leave Queensland when offered our first Western Australian position at the Shire of Lake Grace.
The Shire of Lake Grace position finished and we returned to Queensland for 12 months. We liked living and working in Western Australia and decided to return and took up the role as Manager of Works for the Shire of Broomhill Tambellup. Kathy took up the role as Leading Hand Park and Gardens and later took a role in finance in administration for the Shire of Broomehill Tambellup. During the 10 years at Broomehill Tambellup I did a 50/50 split role as the Manager Works for Shire of Broomehill Tambellup and Shire of Cranbrook. Later I took up a split role with the Shire of Katanning as Manager of Engineering. Katanning offered a range of large projects after it was identified as a Supertown and funded 70million dollars in capital projects by the state government. Kathy and I then moved to Dowerin where I took up the role as Manager of Works and Kathy took up a role in finance for the Shire of Dowerin.
Kathy and I enjoy living and working in smaller communities and find small communities very welcoming and friendly. Kathy and I have toured Australia on a Goldwing motorcycle and love the lifestyle of seeing and doing new things. We like every opportunity to return to Queensland to see our family and spend time with our grandson. We decide to move to Cocos Keeling Islands for a change in lifestyle and the challenge of the position.

Glen can be contacted via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IAN AND DI EVANS: Many people have asked about whether Ian and Di will be coming back to Cocos to say farewell. We can confirm that absolutely – as soon as travel restrictions are eased, Ian and Di will come back to see everyone and let us have a party for them. Ian is also very keen to ensure Glen gets a good hand over and that the vast knowledge he has accumulated over the years is transferred to Glen. This is very generous of Ian who, as always, is motivated by doing the best he can for the community and the Shire. We hope to see Ian and Di here soon so we can acknowledge them in person for their enormous contributions to Cocos.

DIRECTION ISLAND RESORT PROPOSAL: In order to keep our community updated on progress with the lease for a portion of Direction Island for the proposed resort development from Cocos Boronia Resorts, another milestone has been achieved by way of recent approval by Assistant Minister Nola Marino, MP for the lease. The only remaining step before the lease can be executed is securing the over-water area from the Commonwealth. We thank Assistant Minister Nola Marino and her team for giving this matter their time, attention and support, particularly during this busy period. For a detailed understanding of the process we have followed, please see the agenda item to Council and all attachments presented at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 25 March 2020, or contact me with any questions.

WILLIAM KEELING CRESCENT: Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in planning for the foreshore of William Keeling Crescent. At this stage, based on input, we are focusing on the natural environment, so looking at trees for shade and soil stabilisation, with very little built infrastructure. We have received some great input from longer term residents regarding the types of trees that do well in this environment, so many thanks for those positive contributions. It is important to the Shire that we get a good understanding of community views and knowledge to inform any plans, noting of course that the views within the community are diverse and offer many different and interesting perspectives. The draft landscape plan will be available by Monday 18 May 2020 for further public comment before being considered by Council. 

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer