BUSINESS RESILIENCE AND CONTINUITY: TheShire is aware that while events over the past week or so have had an impact, we are working as a team to review our processes and practices to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees and the community and the continuity of core Shire services that are essential for the quality of life on Cocos. Based on our discussions and best advice from the Administrator, EMC and Health Professionals, we have developed a Draft Business Resilience and Continuity Plan for Council review.

This plan outlines measures that will we can put in place either as mitigation or in recovery to ensure minimal disruption to core services such as waste management, creditor payments, good governance and decision making, essential maintenance of homes etc.  In some cases, some discretionary services such as events and engagement activities that cause large numbers of people to gather, may be disrupted.  Whatever decisions are made, please be assured that they are done to achieve the best outcome for our staff and the community for the long term. We are also reviewing our need to travel, and all business-related travel for our employees will be postponed or cancelled until further notice, unless deemed essential.

STAYING SAFE: Thank you to the Health Services Manager Eddie Gacitua and Dr Dan Williams for presenting to Shire staff and answering our questions.

MANAGER WORKS AND SERVICES RECRUITMENT: We were delighted with the response to our recruitment drive for a Manager of Works and Services to take up the reins when our wonderful Ian Evans leaves us. We are currently negotiating with our preferred candidate. The recommendation from the recruitment panel will be presented to Council at the March Ordinary Meeting of Council, noting it will be a confidential item as it deals with a personnel matter. We hope to be able to make an announcement in the near future.

MARCH COUNCIL MEETING: At the March Council meeting, Council in its capacity as Trustee of the 1984 Land Trust, will also be considering the lease of a portion of Lot 102 Direction Island to Cocos Boronia Resort for the purpose of developing a luxury eco-resort. The Business Case of this lease has been advertised and on the Shire website for six weeks with no submissions received. Anyone interested in discussing this lease or proposal with me is welcome to contact me at the Shire.

DISABILITY ACCESS AND INCLUSION PLAN AND POSITIVE AGEING PLAN: A sincere thanks to all members of the community who participated and contributed their ideas and knowledge to developing these two important plans which will help guide the provision of infrastructure and services. Tess Dyson has done a sensational job in leading this project on behalf of the Shire. The draft plans will be developed and made available for further comment and advice from the community and stakeholder agencies before being presented in draft for Council consideration. 

WORKS UPDATE: Construction of the new Ranger’s shed is underway and includes an area for impoundment for animals (cats). The back section is an enclosed storage area where the Shire Ranger can store his tools of the trade. The shed is located beside the Shire Depot along Jalan Bunga Mawar.
The EWP has been brought to Home Island. It will be located around the Island undertaking a wasp spraying program. The EWP enables us to treat the nest that can’t be treated from ground level.
The unsealed road surfaces around Home Island is undergoing resurfacing works after the heavy rain that we received earlier this year. These works will be completed by the end of this week.
The grounds around Lot 14 are looking fantastic. A considerable amount of work has gone into to bringing these grounds back to a high standard.

 Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer