2020 – AN EXCITING YEAR AHEAD: It is hard to believe we are well into the new year. 2020 promises to be another exciting and busy year with lots of projects on our calendar. The team at the Shire believe that we will have our best chance of succeeding if we work together with our community. That does not mean we will all always agree or that we will always get everything right. What is more important is that as a Shire we engage effectively and are very open to constructive feedback to help us move forward. 

Our draft Customer Service Charter will provide us with a framework to ensure our service is customer-focused and that we have a process for receiving and acting on customer feedback. The draft charter is available for public review and comment. Please contact Ibrahim Macrae (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the Shire for a copy and get your feedback to us by 4pm on Monday 17 February. 

FAREWELL ADIM AND WELCOME TO OSSIE AND FATIN: Many of you will have heard that Adim has secured a fantastic position working with Youth at the CIDHS. We are so sorry to see Adim leave the Shire but know we will continue to work with him in his new role. We wish him every success and thank him most sincerely for all his amazing efforts at the Shire. After a robust recruitment process, we have engaged Osman (Ossie) Macrae and Fatin Rachel Hutchinson to job-share the community development role.  A job-share was seen as the best way to cover the range of services and demographics. We wish Ossie and Fatin a long and rewarding career with the Shire. 

Osman Macrae, Sport and Recreation/Youth Officer: My name is Osman Macrae (Pak Azie or Ossie). I previously worked as a relief Youth Officer with the Shire. My role as a Sport and Recreation/Youth Officer is to encourage youth and the community to come together to participate in sporting activities. I have been organizing sport events on a volunteer basis for the past 10 years. I’ve enjoyed the challenges during this time, which I hope to utilise in my current role. I am excited to what is coming ahead and look forward to work in this role.

Fatin Rachel Hutchinson, Sport and Recreation/Youth Officer: My name is Fatin AKA Mak Amelia and I am married to Fareez Bluedy. We have 2 children together Amelia and Aiman, and I also have 2 boys who live on mainland. I grew up in Bunbury and about one year ago Fareez and I decided to call Cocos our new home. Previously I worked in the banking industry where I worked various role with BankWest and PN Bank.

This is my first week in my new role as the Youth and Recreation Officer which I am sharing with Pak Azie. I am enjoying it so far organising Cocos Islands Australia Day celebration and participating in the School Holiday program on West Island. I look forward to getting out into the community and getting to know everyone.


SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM: Speaking of Adim and our fabulous Community Development Team, they organised a busy and exciting school holiday program over January but found that participation rates were very low.  We are concerned that the program (activities, times, days or venues) may not be what best suits our community so will be actively seeking feedback to ensure our offering is aligned with community needs.  Please contact Isa Minkom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to provide your input. If participation rates continue to be low, we will work with the community to find other areas in which to invest our scarce and precious resources.

DIRECTION ISLAND RESORT PROPOSAL – UPDATE: Further to the updated in the Atoll on 12 December which called for public submissions on the intent to dispose of property, we can advise that six public submissions were received. Council will review the submissions informally at the Councillor Workshop on 22 January. A table outlining the submissions and responses to questions and requests raised in the submissions will be available as part of the Council agenda for the 26 February Council meeting.  Anyone with queries on any aspect of this proposed project or wanting  more information about the process we have followed is welcome to contact me at the Shire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

FRESH ESCAPES: In case you missed this on social media, Fresh Escapes featured our beautiful Islands in one of their episodes giving Cocos priceless international tourism exposure.  Well done to our colleagues in Tourism for securing and facilitating this excellent opportunity.  Follow this link to the episode: https://7plus.com.au/fresh-escapes?episode-id=FRTV05-002

AUSTRALIA DAY:  Australia Day, one of the best community celebration events, is around the corner.  Please join us on Monday 27 Januaryfor a day of fun at Direction Island.  A special ferry service has been secured - our sincere thanks to the Commonwealth Government.  The ferry departs Home Island at 8am and West Island at 8.30 to arrive at DI at 9am and leaves DI for the return trip at 2.30pm. 

MAJU PULU KITA MASTERPLAN PROJECTS:  The next ship has a few goodies to progress our Maju Pulu Kita Masterplan projects.  The play equipment for Trannies Beach; Shade Sails for the Home Island Playground; a new gas BBQ for the Spot; public toilets for Sandy Point and the Yacht Club; and shade structures over Pondok Abang and the Home Island Cyclone Shelter.  These will be installed in the coming weeks so please keep an eye out and let us know what you think. We have noticed that the pumptrack needs some ‘finishing’ to make it more appealing.  We are considering softfall around it; some seating with shade and painting the sides of the track with a mural.  Any other ideas are welcome. 

WORKS UPDATE: I am sure members of the community will have noticed the  effort that has gone into the public grounds/gardens at Lot 14.  With this extra care, they are once again looking fantastic. We warmly encourage members of the community to come and enjoy this landscaped area.   To aid in community enjoyment of the space, we are considering installing a few picnic tables and chairs.

Please note that Tuesday every week is our day for working on the grounds (e.g. mowing, whipper snipping and mulching) so from about 7am to 3.00pm on Tuesdays it could be a bit noisy.  Thank you for your support.

The toilets at Trannies, the Yacht club, and Scout Park have now been fitted with solar lighting. The switches are located to the left hand side of the door and are illuminated.

The cardboard drop off points at each transfer station are working well.  Some boxes are still being deposited in the open burn area so we would encourage all members of the community to assist us with this recycling effort. The drop off points for the Cardboard are positioned at the entrance to both Home Island and West Islands Transfer Station, these are clearly signed.

We have been busy re-sheeting and replacing the wall on sections of the Home Island Recycle centre to fix the deterioration from the prevailing winds. The shed is now weather proof for the arrival of the new Glass Crusher and Aluminium and Tin Baler which will be installed towards the end of March.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer