DIRECTION ISLAND RESORT PROPOSAL:  One of the topics we were asked to address in our radio segment last Tuesday morning was an update on the proposal from Cocos Boronia Resorts on the Direction Island resort proposal. 

At this stage the proponent is still in very preliminary discussions with Council and is reviewing considerations and conditions developed by the Shire taking the input from the Community Reference Group.  Considerations include natural and built environment performance, social and cultural impact, financial modelling and lease area.  Mr Blakeman who is representing Cocos Boronia Resorts met briefly with Council on 24 July to receive questions from Council.  Anyone interested is very welcome to contact me at the Shire for more information on this item.  

BUDGET 2019/2020:  We are pleased to advise that at the Council meeting on 24 July, Council adopted the budget for the coming year.  The budget includes a very ambitious list of projects and programs for the coming year.  Over the next few editions of the Atoll, we will provide a brief outline of some of the main projects. One new infrastructure project is construction of a new house on Home Island, noting that we are looking to form a Community Reference Group to advise and assist us with this project.
One of the other projects is employment of a new Parks and Gardens staff member to manage the nursery, re-vegetation program, Oceania Grounds (public  space) and instigate a composting program to divert compostable materials from the incinerator or open burning, while providing much needed soil improver. Keep an eye on the next editions of the Atoll for other projects being delivered in this budget.  The full budget document is also available on the Shire website or can be requested by phoning Jo at the Shire on 9162 6649.
OFFICE STAFF TEAM BUILDING:  The office staff took to Direction Island on Thursday last week for a day of team building.  We collected 36 bags of rubbish from the northern part of the beach and built the first of several fire pits near one of the shelters.   We enjoyed lunch together and then had some time for team activities that focused on embedding our organisational values of Service, Accountability, Support, Respect, Integrity and Achievement. 
MAJU PULU KITA MASTERPLAN: TRANNIES BEACH:   Trannies Beach is set for a gentle facelift with works commencing this week.  The stunning tree in the middle of the space is the focal point for the work as it provides  lovely natural shade which will be decked to provide  more useable space.  We will also be using coral filled gabions around the tree to direct and control traffic and encourage lawn to grow around the shelters.  Some robust and low key nature play equipment will be installed and upgraded lighting will complete the picture.  A special note of thanks to Jack O’Donnell for his contribution to the lighting for which we are very appreciative.  Thank you Jack.

MAJU PULU KITA MASTERPLAN:  HOME ISLAND CYCLONE SHELTER:Work commenced on Tuesday on the decking under the Home Island Cyclone Shelter and is expected to take two weeks. This sheltered space provides a great setting for community events and activities.

WORKS UPDATE:  The Shire had advertised for interested people in being employed on a casual basis to assist in the projects that progress the items from Master Planning.  We welcome our team of casuals and hope they enjoy contributing to the community via these important projects.

FLOODING ON HOME ISLAND:  I would like to acknowledge the hard working Shire outdoor crew for their efforts to reduce the impact of flooding from the huge deluge last Wednesday morning.  The rain brought a massive volume of water and the pumps were put to the test removing approx 1700 litres of water from the Kampong per minute.  While we recognise that some homes did still flood, Shire staff were working hard and using all equipment available to reduce the impact.  We are looking at engaging a hydraulic engineer to advise on solutions to the flooding problem rather than react without proper planning. Anyone wanting to discuss this matter is welcome to contact me at the Shire.
These are a few items that I think may be of particular interest but we are always willing to meet with members of the community who are interested in knowing more about Shire activities. 
Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer