SELAMAT HARI RAYA: Firstly all of us at the Shire would like to wish the Community Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. May you have a   joyful celebration with your loved friends and family and prosperous days head. 

WELCOME TO OUR NEW ADMINISTRATION TRAINEE:  It is wonderful to welcome another great person, Amallia Alim, join the Shire team.
My name is Amallia and this is my first time working with the Shire Council. My role as an Admin Trainee is to give my team administration support. I work within the Governance team, working closely with Pak Yus who is my supervisor, Pak Rani and Mak Ilyas. My first week at the Shire has been really welcoming and exciting - learning new things in the world of local government. In my previous educational years, I have always enjoyed learning about history, politics and law and today I am looking forward and excited to what my new role will teach me. I look forward to my upcoming years working with the shire to make our island a better place.
COMMUNITY AND STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT FRAMEWORK: Council has adopted a new framework which outlines the Shire’s commitment to and process for seeking community input into decision-making.  The Framework is based on the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum of engagement  which ranges from “Inform” “Consult” “Involve” Collaborate” and “Empower”. The Framework is underpinned by nine principles including transparency and a genuine commitment to follow through.  Anyone wishing to get a copy of the Framework can contact the Shire or check on our website. This is our first attempt at documenting and communicating our approach to engaging with our community so we are open to feedback and suggestions on how it can be improved. 
BUDGET 2019/20:  In preparation for the budget for the next financial year, the Shire has advertised its intention to levy differential rates.  In simple terms differential rates mean that there is a different rate for different groups being residential, undeveloped, business and holiday accommodation. These rates are multiplied by the property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) which is determined by the Valuer-General every 4 years.  The Valuer-General undertook a revaluation of all properties in the Shire which will take effect from 1 July 2019.  Rates revenue forms approximately 10% of our total revenue and is an important funding source for delivering services to this community. Anyone wanting to know more about the rating process and how rates funds are used, are welcome to contact Jo Soderlund at the Shire.  Council is also currently reviewing Shire fees and charges and potential capital works and projects for next year. 
HOUSE ON HOME ISLAND:  Housing on home island has been identified as a high priority for the community over many years, including from an accommodation needs assessment done in 2011 through to the most recent masterplan and strategic plan.   Therefore we are very excited to advise that Council resolved to seek proposals from builders to construct a house on Home Island.   The tender has been advertised and we hope to attract a quality proposal within Council’s budget. We are considering forming a small housing reference group to assist with reviewing designs and to advise us on options for allocating the house should we get a suitable proposal within budget.  If you would like to be on this reference group, please contact Isa Minkom This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9162 6649. 
HOUSING:  While on the topic of housing, we would like to remind residents who either rent or lease a Shire house that any modifications to the house need to be discussed with the Shire first. We are also pleased to announce that our new Asset and Property Management Coordinator, Luluk Sloan will be commencing property inspections in the coming weeks to  inform Council decisions on the budget allocations as a step towards proactive property management.
PLASTICS:  The recent article on plastic waste seems to have attracted worldwide attention and while opportunities to reuse/recycling plastic waste that washes up on our beautiful shores from around the world is something we are still investigating, we thought it would be timely to showcase the great work of this Council in refocussing waste as resource. A glass crusher on West Island provides materials for road base and brick-making and we have just ordered another glass crusher for Home Island.  We have recently purchased cardboard compactors so that cardboard can be used as a fuel source in the incinerator to reduce the amount of diesel required; we are in the process of packing batteries so they can be sent off island for extracting reusable materials.  Aluminium cans are crushed for export.  You can do your bit buy making sure you put recyclable materials in the right bins. 
We are also excited to share news that the Commonwealth Government has funded water bubblers on Home Island and West Island and that the Shire is installing a commercial dishwasher in the HI Cyclone Shelter—both initiatives aim to reduce the amount of single use plastic. We acknowledge other agencies such as Sea Shepherd for activities such as beach clean-up days. If you would like more information on any of our waste and recycling activities, please contact Suzie at the Shire on 9162 6649.
These are a few items that I think may be of particular interest but we are always willing to meet with members of the community who are interested in knowing more about Shire activities. 
Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer