WELCOME TO NEW SHIRE TEAM MEMBERS: We were delighted to welcome two new members to the Shire team, Suzie Bulka, Communications and IT Officer and Adim Hajat, Sport and Recreation Officer.

Suzie Bulka, Communications and IT Officer: My name is Suzana Bulka (Suzie or Mak Ilyas) married to Mo Rawlinson and we have 2 beautiful boys – Ilyas and Iyaaz. We came to Cocos for a holiday in 2017, we loved it so much and have called this beautiful island Home. I previously worked as a relief admin at the Home/West Island Clinic and spent most of my time at Department of Communities (Housing) in Perth. This is my second week in my new role as the Communications & IT Officer – I am enjoying it so far, compiling the Atoll and learning new things in the IT world. I am excited to what’s coming ahead and look forward to work in this role!

Adim Hajat, Sport and Recreation Officer: My role as Community Sport & Recreation is to encourage the community to come together in various sporting and recreation activities. In consultation with various people in the community so far I have developed a monthly sporting program and recreational program which encourages community participation for both Home and West Island residents. Programs such as Lip Sync Battle and continuation of the Cocos Olympics are just some of these examples. This is my third time around with the Shire of Cocos but new to this specific role. I have been off island for 10 years and have worked in other local authorities in a community development capacity. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and acquired various skills during this time which I hope to utilise in my current role. I look forward to an exciting 12 months in the community and additionally to the feedback from our community to make this role of sport and rec more exciting.

MAY COUNCIL MEETING: The may Council meeting will be held on Home Island at 1pm on Wednesday 22 May. At this meeting Council will be considering the report from the Community and Stakeholder engagement on the Direction Island Resort Proposal and considering options. We will also be presenting Council with the new Community and Stakeholder Engagement Framework which outlines the Shire’s commitment to and process for seeking community input into decision-making. The Framework is based on the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum of engagement which ranges from “Inform” “Consult” “Involve” Collaborate” and “Empower”.
The Framework is underpinned by nine principles including transparency and a genuine commitment to follow through. Anyone wishing to get a copy of the Framework can contact the Shire prior to the meeting. Should Council adopt the Framework it will be available on our website after the meeting. Council will also be considering a lease for a kiting business at the South End based on the South End Commercial Use Policy recently adopted.

These are just a few of the items in the agenda I think may be of interest to the Community, however we invite anyone interested in Council decision-making to review the full agenda which is available on our website.

BUDGET 2019/20: It is budget time again and the first step for Council is to consider the differential rates. This will be an item of business at the May Council meeting. In the coming two months Council will be reviewing our fees and charges, our operational budget and capital works projects based on our Corporate Business Plan and Masterplan. Setting the budget is one of the most important responsibilities of a Council and it will be a busy time for them.

SNAP SEND SOLVE: We want to make it easy for community members to report issues they see—wasp nests, road hazards, faulty equipment or any range of shire matters. So we are pleased to introduce this amazing free app—Snap Send Solve. Download the free app on your smartphone and then anytime you notice something take a photo. The app captures the GPS location and when you are in range you can send us the photo, with or without a comment, via the app. The app make it very simple and quick to stay in touch with us and for us to respond to issues.

RESPONSIBLE CAT OWNERSHIP: Our terrific Ranger, Razalie Zainiel, would like to send a reminder to anyone who has been allowed by a cat to look after it. Please see Razalie’s message below.

Cats must be registered. The Shire Ranger would like to advise all owners of a cat that has reached 6 month of age under the Cat Act 2011 must ensure that the cat is registered with the Shire, sterilised, microchipped, and tagged.

Cost of Service as follows:
Female/Male suprelorin implanter: $170 (Lasts up to 8 months)

Micro chipping:
With registration: $66

The Cat registration form is available at the shire website or the Shire office Home Island Monday-Friday or West Island office on Tuesday and Thursday only or by emailing the Ranger This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to call Razalie on 08 9162 6649 or above email.
These are a few items that I think may be of particular interest but we are always willing to meet with members of the community who are interested in knowing more about Shire activities.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer