MAJU PULU KITA master plan: We are so very excited to advise that at the April Council meeting, Council approved the release of the draft Maju Pulu Kita Master Plan for public comment.

This document, that has emerged from hours of community input and advice, is available on the Shire website for anyone who would like to comment. Alternatively, a hard copy can be collected from the Shire office on Home Island or West Island. We are also are happy to send a copy to anyone who requests one. At this same meeting Council allocated funds towards the following community priority Master Plan projects:

Sandy Point Upgrades: Another shelter, tables and chairs, Public Art, lighting, refurbish BBQ, and new toilet. We are also purchasing a floating wheelchair and roller mat for disability access to the beach.

Recycling Equipment - Home Island: A new glass crusher and can bailer to mirror the recycling system on West Island.
Shade Playgrounds at Central Park, West Island and the Home Island playground.

Trannies Beach Upgrades: with a focus on making use of the shade provided by the big tree with decking, more landscaping, some play equipment and lighting.
Home Island Foreshore Picnic area with a new shelter, table and chair setting, lighting.

Flooring (eco-deck) under cyclone shelter to make this space more useable for events and activities.

Cyclone Shelter Steps Cinema: our very own outdoor cinema on Home Island with a large, cinema sized screen, projector and sound system.
Public Toilets - Yacht Club: The existing one toilet struggled during last season so we are adding another.

Pumptrack Central Park: An ideal skatepark for coral atolls. This project is a testament to the hard work of the CIDHS Senior Leaders who have worked very hard to make their dream a reality.

Shade over Pondok Abang: to make this popular spot more comfortable for residents and visitors.

Direction Island Upgrades: More tables and chairs, rebuilding the brick BBQ and improved lighting.

With the $400,000 funding allocation from Council and an anticipated co-contribution of $200,000 from the RDO, we are working hard to get the materials on the May ship so that work on installation can start in the new financial year. We look forward to delivering these community focused projects—this long list will keep us busy next year.
APRIL COUNCIL MEETING: At the April Council meeting on West Island we were pleased to have so many interested members of the public in attendance. Council adopted two new policies; a South End Commercial Activities Policy, and a Caretaker Dwelling Policy. Council also determined that the area for the application of Local Laws will extend 200m into the lagoon so that the waters close to the shore can be managed under the Shire’s Local Laws. Approval was also provided for the Shire to advertise for tenders for the construction of a house on Home Island. Once tenders are received and we have firm costs, Council can assess whether or not it has the financial capacity to build a new house.

ANZAC DAY: Despite the wet and windy morning, it was heartening to see so many people join us for the Anzac Day dawn service. As always the morning was filled with deep reflection and gratitude. Thank you to everyone who took part in the service for making it so meaningful. Thanks also to RAAF, the Cocos Club and North Park for the food and camaraderie throughout the day.

SNAP SEND SOLVE: We want to make it easy for community members to report issues they see—wasp nests, road hazards, faulty equipment or any range of shire matters. So we are pleased to introduce this amazing free app—Snap Send Solve. Download the free app on your smartphone and then anytime you notice something take a photo. The app captures the GPS location and when you are in range you can send us the photo, with or without a comment, via the app. The app make it very simple and quick to stay in touch with us and for us to respond to issues.

DIRECTION ISLAND RESORT PROPOSAL: As many of you would know 23 representatives of the community joined a Community Reference Group (CRG) to discuss the proposal from Cocos Boronia Resort for Direction Island. The CRG reviewed all materials and got information/advice from a panel of experts in the areas of Environment, Infrastructure, Tourism, Economic Development and Culture/Heritage. They discussed and debated the proposal and offered recommendations to Council. The input from the CRG has been combined with public submissions received on the proposal into one report which is available on the Shire’s website. Hard copies of the report can also be picked up at the Shire office. I would like to acknowledge the members of the CRG for giving up a full day to participate in this important decision. The request from Cocos Boronia Resort will be considered by Council at the May Council meeting.

SOUTH END ROAD: We realise that for many people the closure of the South End Road is very inconvenient and frustrating. We therefore do not make that decision lightly. We are trying to balance community and tourism needs with safety and risk and good management of our assets. As you will see from the photos taken during the recent closure, much of the road was under water for most of the time with water levels reaching the door during some periods. Driving on flooded or saturated roads causes significant damage to roads as tyres push water off the road, the water takes the road surface with it creating new potholes and worsening existing potholes. On Cocos, we are not easily able to replace the surface material and repair pot holes as road building materials (corallite) is in scarce supply. Anyone wanting to know more about road management is welcome to contact us at Shire during work hours.

These are a few items that I think may be of particular interest but we are always willing to meet with members of the community who are interested in knowing more about Shire activities.

Andrea Selvey
Chief Executive Officer